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Momo Asian Bar

The momo Asian bar was created in 2016 from an idea and a great passion for exploring Asian culture on food and its integration into Western data and tastes.

Creativity, imagination, and color combinations of fresh ingredients and strong flavors are what make us stand out. Fresh vegetables, fish, a wide variety of daily flavors and dishes. It is one of our main features. The service is also provided by specialized staff who are ready to serve you and help you better understand Japanese and Asian cuisine in general.

MOMO Asian Bar


Vazelonos 29, Kalamaria 551 32, Thessaloniki
Phone: 2313 069 393

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MOMO Asian Bar


Navarchou Kountouriotou 13, Thessaloniki 546 25

Phone: 2310 555 054

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MOMO Asian Bar

Argyroupoli, Athens

Marinou Geroulanou 77, Argyroupoli 164 52
Phone: 2109 936 693


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